Answers to your questions

What is the tempered glass?

The tempering of the glass is the thermal treatment effected on the glass to increase the properties of mechanical strength and resistance to the thermal shock. The plate is introduced in a oven at a temperature of about 600° and subsequently rapidly cooled by air jets. After the treatment, the glass becomes more elastic, durable and anti-accident because in case of breaking the plate crushes in little harmless fragments.

What is the acidified glass?

The acidified system is the process of opacification of a plate, using the hydrofluoric acid.

What is the satin glass?

This glass is subjected to a satinizing treatment that makes matt the surfaces of the glass.

What is the screen-printed glass?

It is a working on the glass with which, using automatic printings and ovens, it is possible to create special drawings on the surface. The quality of each screen-printed system is guarantee from the glass temper that allows the vitrification of special paints. This procedure makes the screen-painted system resistant to any type of abrasion.