Our structure

for your kitchen

Our company started its activity with the kitchens in the seventies, in a small workshop. Today, it is a modern factory of 20,000 square meters, designed to extend soon. As you can imagine, places change, but essentially do not change the passion and the desire to create furniture that, today as yesterday, are made with an eye to the process of continuous improvement in technical development and choice of materials, without losing the art and the pleasure of the craft.
Within our productive reality, the efficiency and accuracy of sophisticated automated machinery coexist harmoniously with the professionalism and the experience of our staff. Thanks to this company philosophy, we are now able to compete in the stimulating challenge to the achievement of the "overall quality". Thanks to the collaboration of our retailers, we can say that we learned a lot from our customers.
The time has taught us which are the needs of style, functionality, beauty, quality and price more felt by those who buy our kitchens. With this in mind, we are sure that they are the most appropriate response to customer expectations. The range of products, from classic to contemporary style, is able to fully satisfy every kind of desire or request. And using the accumulated experience, we continue to work because every Tre O kitchen purchases value and style in time.

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