Answers to your questions

What is the painting for?

• The painting is the process that allows to cover a support for protective and decorative purposes.

• The painting cycle The “painting cycle” indicates the process of application of different painting materials, chosen to give the support the aesthetic effect and the desired physical and chemical properties.

• The painting cycle consists of many operations:


Sanding the support :This operation makes the surface to be painted smooth and porous, thanks to the elimination of any irregularities, to facilitate the physical adhesion of the painting product.


Painting and finishing (if necessary) This operation is made to modify, to enhance or to make uniform the support color.


Insulation (if necessary) It is the application of an insulator, useful to favor a better adherence of the painting products on special supports, normally those of exotic origin.


Fitting It is the application of one or more priming coats to fill the pores of the supports.


Sanding the bottom This operation is necessary to prepare the surface, on which one or more priming coats have already been applied, to the application of a finishing product.

What is the “decapé” finish?

It is a type of painting exclusively used on open-pore wood, mainly ash and oak that allows a special finish. First of all the wood is cleaned by chemical products or by brushing to highlight the grain and the roughness of the surface, then it is treated with layers of painting, which completely cover the basic color of the wood, leaving visible only its porosity and its grain.

What is the lacquering?

It is a painting process of a panel (MDF or special melamine), executed with polyesters paints, then polished and brushed, or with polyurethane paints, that do not require polishing and brushing. The lacquering can be glossy or matt.

What is the open-pore lacquering?

Painting process realizes after the “decapé” treatment on a veneered or wooden panel. This kind of lacquering leaves visible the wood grain, with a special and pleasant aesthetic result.

What is the powder painting?

It is a process of coating metal surfaces with an organic film, made for decorative purposes and/or to protect from corrosion and other aggressive agents. The pieces are coated with painting powder based on synthetic resins, which adheres by electrostatic effect, and then passed into an oven where, because of the temperature, first the painting fuses and then polymerizes giving an adherent layer.