Answers to your questions

What is the MDF panel?

It is a medium density fiberboard panel and it is composted by brushwood and wood production rejects. From the ecological point of view they are interesting cause their production does not imply the systematic cutting down of the trees. They are composed by wood fibers obtained by steam and special grinders, that are bound with thermosetting adhesives. Those fibers once pressed give the panel good mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability and compactness along the edges, such as to make them indispensable to produce lacquered or PVC panels or in case we need large surfaces, where the wood may present flatness problems.

What is the chipboard panel?

It is define as wooden particles panel, it uses mainly brushwood and wood production rejects; in this way it is an ecological product cause it does not imply a further cutting down of the trees. It is composed by chips and wood particles, pressed and glued with thermosetting adhesives. It is commonly used after a veneer process, finishing with melamine paper or PVC/laminated covering, so all materials that give the panel the desired aesthetic qualities. From the mechanical point of view, the chipboard panel has an excellent dimensional stability that makes it indispensable for the use on large surfaces where the solid wood would have enormous problems of flatness; it is also much lighter than the MDF panel. The materials with which it is normally covered guarantee a good resistance to water, depending on the type and methodology of the covering.

What is the multilayer panel?

It is a panel with five or more wooden layers arranged with crossed fibers and fixed together with adhesives resistant to water and humidity.

What is the ecological panel?

It is a recycled wood panel used in furniture production. It is exclusively made with reused wood, with a quality production process that respects the environment and helps to preserve it, because it does not involve the cutting down of trees.