Use & maintenance


Answers to your questions

How to clean knobs and handles?

Clean with non-abrasive soft detergents and thoroughly dry. Do not use abrasive materials, metal cloths or acid containing chlorine. Refer to the type of material with which they are produced.

How to clean the glass parts?

To clean use a soft cloth with water or with specific products for glass and thoroughly dry, taking care to silk-screen printing, engraved or decorated parts. Avoid anti-scale and abrasive products, because with time damage and make ugly the glass.

How to clean the waterproof plywood handicraft elements?

You can easily repaint our handicraft elements with any kind of colour for wall. For daily care, just use a soft damp cloth or a microfiber cloth. For a deeper cleaning, use a cloth and a non-abrasive detergent. Rinse with a wrung out cloth and dry all the surfaces.

How to clean the appliances?

Strictly refer to the manufacturers’ recommendations, that you will find in the manuals delivered with the appliances. Any request should be addressed directly to the manufacturer.